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Pictures taken on 10/10/06

id: 16903
Retainer lady got my name wrong
id: 16904
My new retainer. I'll try not to throw this one away..
id: 16905
Yeah, that drawing will help a lot..
id: 16906
Bye Mom
id: 16907
Colored leaves blurring by
id: 16908
id: 16909
Blurry leaves
id: 16910
Slightly less blurry leaves
id: 16911
Electric stuff in the background
id: 16912
Nice trees
id: 16913
More blurs
id: 16914
id: 16915
Some gross water
id: 16916
A truck with some stuff on it
id: 16917
Blurry window
id: 16918
Sarah on the train
id: 16919
Sarah reading some sort of book..
id: 16920
More blurs outside the window
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