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Pictures taken on 10/11/06

id: 16921
Laser exposures!
id: 16922
It's supposed to say "HI" with circles around it
id: 16923
Laser, the blue light, and some sort of strange stain on the wall
id: 16924
Mike got his green laser pointer
id: 16925
Me and Mike both wrote our names... then crossed out the other's. Unfortunately Mike wrote too high
id: 16926
Mike crossed out "yatpay"!
id: 16927
We drew Brett. This was way harder than it looks since we could only see a little dot in the darkness with no reference points
id: 16928
Brett take two
id: 16929
Brett got lasered!
id: 16930
Brett's a laser mummy!
id: 16931
This is pretty crazy actually...
id: 16932
Superflash plus lasers!!!
id: 16933
A huge line for the caf
id: 16934
The Hiroshima bomb was actually 15 KILOtons, so I called the Globe to correct them
id: 16935
id: 16936
Brett enlisted Rosie's help to put his new keyboard on
id: 16937
Rosie had to do this last year so she was experienced
id: 16938
Brett watches over the proceedings
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