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Pictures taken on 11/03/06

id: 17154
Tony digs into the magnets
id: 17155
What's he making?
id: 17156
Ah, a space elevator
id: 17157
I knew that pipe on the ceiling would come in handy
id: 17158
It goes all the way up
id: 17159
Space elevator!
id: 17160
Tony attached this to the bottom
id: 17161
Brett has an unusually shiny head today
id: 17162
Lookee what I made, kind of like DNA
id: 17163
Tony makes more structures
id: 17164
Professor Rudolph in action
id: 17165
Look at him go.
id: 17166
Some nice trees
id: 17167
Mel gets in on the magnet action
id: 17168
Very nice, Mel!
id: 17169
Magnets = fun
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