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Pictures taken on 11/17/06

id: 17312
A damp morning in November at Clark University
id: 17313
Neat sky
id: 17314
Professor Rudolph sits in the back
id: 17315
Eric taught the class today
id: 17316
I guess Prof. Rudolph doesn't like the way this class is going
id: 17317
Prof. Rudolph gets comfy
id: 17318
He later knocked the desk over and startled everyone
id: 17319
Snazzy socks
id: 17320
The wall of macros grows at work
id: 17321
An awful picture of Brandon and Nugget
id: 17322
Nugget's standard suspicious look
id: 17323
Hay guys
id: 17324
Brandon plays with the phlat-ball while working
id: 17325
Magnetic darts!
id: 17326
Phlat ball in the air!
id: 17327
Fun with bags
id: 17328
Fun fun fun
id: 17329
Brandon looks inside
id: 17330
The new building site was wide open
id: 17331
New building!
id: 17332
It's almost done
id: 17333
I like the window setup
id: 17334
A weird scaffold
id: 17335
A pineapple!?
id: 17336
Why is there a pineapple near Dana?
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