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Pictures taken on 11/19/06

id: 17340
Mel walking along
id: 17341
Heeey Mel
id: 17342
There's Mel's look!
id: 17343
Mel's starting to get weird
id: 17344
Walking along
id: 17345
Crazy Mel!
id: 17346
id: 17347
id: 17348
id: 17349
Sitting on the stage
id: 17350
Looking out at the chairs
id: 17351
id: 17352
This is where Mel sits sometimes
id: 17353
The stage
id: 17354
id: 17355
Weird storage room
id: 17356
Wicked creepy prop
id: 17357
THis place is a mess
id: 17358
File cabinets
id: 17359
Get it? Get it?
id: 17360
Mel is hiding in the mess
id: 17361
Found youuuu
id: 17362
Hey! A BB gun!
id: 17363
Mel looks for costumes
id: 17364
Mel at work
id: 17365
Working working working
id: 17366
Worst graffiti ever
id: 17367
View from the stage. See Mel?
id: 17368
I look stupid
id: 17369
A hawk!
id: 17370
Hallo hawk!
id: 17371
He sat there for a while
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