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Pictures taken on 11/22/06

id: 17372
Before haircut, hair in my eyes
id: 17373
Before haircut, hair normal
id: 17374
id: 17375
Mel is cold
id: 17376
Cutting my hair!!
id: 17377
id: 17378
My hair is all wet
id: 17379
The first cut
id: 17380
id: 17381
id: 17382
Mo looks outisde
id: 17383
Mel grabs Mo
id: 17384
Mo looks over there
id: 17385
Mo struggles
id: 17386
Mo makes a break for it
id: 17387
Ah, sweet freedom
id: 17388
A statue on a building in Providence
id: 17389
Cranes in Providence
id: 17390
Wow! That! Sounds! Cool!
id: 17391
Aw, so close
id: 17392
Tuns out I took a picture of this sign in January too
id: 17393
The neato ceiling
id: 17394
The train is coming
id: 17395
id: 17396
id: 17397
Playing with my zoom lens. Hi mom.
id: 17398
My mom's kind of lame jack-o-lantern
id: 17399
Matt snaps a shot of me shuffling
id: 17400
id: 17401
Matt the Mat!
id: 17402
Matt got a new camera
id: 17403
Camera fight!
id: 17404
Becky on her first day of school.
id: 17405
Don't open it!
id: 17406
You opened it!
id: 17407
Mom is depressed by the box
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