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Pictures taken on 12/02/06

id: 17515
id: 17516
It's Mo!
id: 17517
What the hell is this!!?
id: 17518
Mel's ready to fight Pikachu
id: 17519
Bailley and Mel in a cutout picture thing..
id: 17520
Yeah, you guys are cool
id: 17521
A thing on a radio tower
id: 17522
As Snake said before me.. "A surveillance camera!?"
id: 17523
Mel's got some containers
id: 17524
That's.. great
id: 17525
id: 17526
Bailey with my gun
id: 17527
Whoa, calm down, buddy
id: 17528
Mo investiages the duck
id: 17529
Not quite sure about this..
id: 17530
Maybe just one smell
id: 17531
Mel's got the duck all packed up
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