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Pictures taken on 12/13/06

id: 17639
Brandon and Igor
id: 17640
Josh and Brandon
id: 17641
Monty is hiding
id: 17642
Why is Monty hiding?
id: 17643
Igor explains that being an assassin "isn't that bad"
id: 17644
Michael and Nugget listen incredulously
id: 17645
"You gotta figure"
id: 17646
Walking back to Carlson
id: 17647
I won't be working for ITS next semester, so I guess I won't see these guys as often. It was a good semester guys!
id: 17648
Some group had a wicked lame one day hunger strike
id: 17649
A one day strike? Sure. A hunger strike? OK. A one day hunger strike? STFU
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