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Pictures taken on 12/15/06

id: 17652
Mike in the fog
id: 17653
Some foggy lights
id: 17654
Dana Commons
id: 17655
I nearly got robbed taking these pictures
id: 17656
Long exposures are fun
id: 17657
Mike's green laser in the sky
id: 17658
Mike plays with his laser
id: 17659
Look carefully and you can see what Mike wrote on the building
id: 17660
Mike in the fog again
id: 17661
The laser with better batteries
id: 17662
An ad for Uncle Social
id: 17663
Brett waiting to get into Jefferson 320
id: 17664
Waiting for the show to start
id: 17665
Jason, Mel, and Branden look at the Uncle Social site I made!
id: 17666
They seem to like it
id: 17667
Looking at the site some more
id: 17668
What's over there?
id: 17669
Mel's dad came too
id: 17670
Brendan points out where the screen is
id: 17671
Mel shows her dad the site
id: 17672
Jason and Mel
id: 17673
Jason meets Mel's dad
id: 17674
Dave's here too!
id: 17675
Mel looks around
id: 17676
Mel prepares for the show to start
id: 17677
Most of the Uncle Social crew
id: 17678
Introducing the show
id: 17679
The Uncle Social Crew
id: 17680
The Uncle Social crew introduce the show
id: 17681
They are kind of ordered by height.. in a pyramid
id: 17682
Dave gives someone in the audience a look
id: 17683
id: 17684
Jason claps
id: 17685
id: 17686
Mel and Brendan
id: 17687
Jason is too tall
id: 17688
Brendan and Jason
id: 17689
Mel's ready to start the show
id: 17690
Dave talks about something. Maybe the raffle
id: 17691
Jason looks eager
id: 17692
Brendan's got the raffle bag
id: 17693
People pick numbers
id: 17694
Jason looks creepy
id: 17695
Mel has a number
id: 17696
The lucky winners got Tab and beans
id: 17697
id: 17698
A non-zoomed shot
id: 17699
Mel's dad and Bailey
id: 17700
Some insane comic drawn by Clark James
id: 17701
Bryce's comic response to James' comic
id: 17702
Bryce with his comic
id: 17703
Protoman came to visit
id: 17704
Other..megaman.. villain man
id: 17705
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