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Pictures taken on 12/24/06

id: 17718
Strawberry's waiting for Christmas morning to start
id: 17719
Becky wakes up
id: 17720
id: 17721
Isabelle looks at me
id: 17722
Hiding behind bars
id: 17723
My mom takes a sip of coffee
id: 17724
Isabelle looks to see what Strawberry is up to
id: 17725
Isabelle on a railing
id: 17726
Hi Isabelle
id: 17727
Strawberry watches Isabelle
id: 17728
She won't fall
id: 17729
Isabelle looks fat in this picture, which is strange for a cat
id: 17730
Both the cats!
id: 17731
Hiiii Isabelle
id: 17732
id: 17733
Becky opens some presents
id: 17734
Becky tries on her new hat
id: 17735
Christmas party at Uncle Michael's house
id: 17736
Uncle Michael's got a printer
id: 17737
My grandmother's laughing at something
id: 17738
Becky poses near the tree
id: 17739
Becky near the tree
id: 17740
id: 17741
Aw, what's wrong Johnny?
id: 17742
Aunt Meredith looks around
id: 17743
Aunt Diane checks inside the oven
id: 17744
id: 17745
Wicked creepy Santa robot
id: 17746
Danny gets some food
id: 17747
Aunt Meredith accidentally pushed the cork into the bottle
id: 17748
Sitting around
id: 17749
Yankee Swap presents
id: 17750
Aunt Meredith is clearly thrilled
id: 17751
Waiting for the Yankee Swap to start
id: 17752
Uncle Michael takes some pictures
id: 17753
"Smile Ma!"
id: 17754
There you go
id: 17755
Uncle Michael takes some more pictures
id: 17756
Too bad those pictures were flash
id: 17757
Aunt Meredith opens something
id: 17758
Everyone's having a blast
id: 17759
Danny got to pick last and this was his choice
id: 17760
Aunt Diane opens a present
id: 17761
id: 17762
Uncle Michael gets his turn in the Yankee Swap
id: 17763
What could it be?
id: 17764
"The Partidge Family"
id: 17765
Aunt Meredith insisted that she has a similar CD and listens to it often
id: 17766
Gragra disappears behind a present
id: 17767
She's being eaten!
id: 17768
Thar she is
id: 17769
She got a DDR knockoff
id: 17770
This was soon traded away
id: 17771
Becky wouldn't leave me alone until I took here picture
id: 17772
Johnny is a jerk
id: 17773
Becky demands more pictures
id: 17774
Becky looks around
id: 17775
A "Facebook" picture
id: 17776
A "Myspace" picture
id: 17777
Leave me alone, Becky
id: 17778
Johnny hides
id: 17779
Johnny hides even more..
id: 17780
There he is
id: 17781
Becky and my mom
id: 17782
Becky and my mom pose again
id: 17783
Uncle Michael's got a spiffy new hat
id: 17784
Missy seems to be having the time of her life
id: 17785
A jolly looking crew
id: 17786
Uncle Michael seems amused
id: 17787
Becky poses with Santa again
id: 17788
Becky gives Santa a kiss
id: 17789
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