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Pictures taken on 01/01/07

id: 17893
Midnight toast with Mountain Dew
id: 17894
Happy New Years!
id: 17895
Mel makes a face while driving
id: 17896
Rainy traveling again!
id: 17897
The cars threw mist into the air
id: 17898
A creepy billboard
id: 17899
A crappy picture that shows how the top of the Prudential is in the clouds
id: 17900
An underpass
id: 17901
Some buildings under construction
id: 17902
A crane with a flag on it
id: 17903
The Zakim Bridge
id: 17904
id: 17905
A neato picture of the Zakim Bridge
id: 17906
The tunnel
id: 17907
id: 17908
The light at the end of the tunnel
id: 17909
That cool painting building
id: 17910
The windmill
id: 17911
Generating electricity!
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