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Pictures taken on 01/07/07

id: 17970
My grandmother and Uncle Chris
id: 17971
My sister's name is way bigger than mine
id: 17972
Creepy nutcrackers
id: 17973
The world's scariest nutcracker
id: 17974
Strawberry and the round pillows!
id: 17975
Strawberry and Isabelle!
id: 17976
They're sitting on top of each other!
id: 17977
id: 17978
Isn't that cute?
id: 17979
Strawberry and Isabelle sitting together
id: 17980
Me opening something
id: 17981
id: 17982
My grandmother
id: 17983
My aunt and uncle got me a cool hat from India but it doesn't fit
id: 17984
I also got binoculars!
id: 17985
Cool stuff! Thanks!
id: 17986
Becky has some card
id: 17987
She got some clothes from India
id: 17988
It's neato
id: 17989
A pile of crap
id: 17990
My binocular case
id: 17991
My binoculars
id: 17992
My grandmother and Mel
id: 17993
The hat fits Mel!
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