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Pictures taken on 01/18/07

id: 18064
Brett borrowed my camera to take and print and ID pic. He took this picture of the printer thing
id: 18065
Brett's ID picture for his professor
id: 18066
Bryce looks at something
id: 18067
Tony's going to try juggling
id: 18068
Blurry ball
id: 18069
Tony's juggling!
id: 18070
...kind of
id: 18071
id: 18072
Bryce is all blurry
id: 18073
Flash picture of thet bals in the air
id: 18074
Good catch!
id: 18075
Tony's getting better
id: 18076
Come on Tony, you can do it!
id: 18077
Juggle juggle juggle
id: 18078
Bryce watches Tony
id: 18079
It finally snowed!
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