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Pictures taken on 01/19/07

id: 18080
Brett lets the ifinger puppets do the talking for this marketing book
id: 18081
"Mii mii miii mii miiiii"
id: 18082
Bryce takes a drink
id: 18083
"What're you talking pictures of?"
id: 18084
How's the water Bryce?
id: 18085
What's over there?
id: 18086
Someone came in
id: 18087
Bryce takes a moment to.. sit
id: 18088
Smashley talks about.. something
id: 18089
Alicia and Brett
id: 18090
We're waiting for Pictionary to start
id: 18091
Smashley talks to Alicia and Brett
id: 18092
Rosie is here too!
id: 18093
Brett and Rosie
id: 18094
Brett thinks something is funny
id: 18095
Smashley has some of her pina colada
id: 18096
Smashley hates most of the Pictionary challenges. "What!?? No!"
id: 18097
Brett starts drawing
id: 18098
Bryce doesn't seem to be having fun
id: 18099
Smashley signs my baseball
id: 18100
Bryce's autograph
id: 18101
Smashley's autograph
id: 18102
Rosie's autograph
id: 18103
Brett's autograph
id: 18104
I'm not sure who wrote this one
id: 18105
Pictionary fun
id: 18106
Smashley's having a blast!
id: 18107
Rosie and Brett won this time
id: 18108
Bryce looks disgruntled
id: 18109
The Pictionary board
id: 18110
The hourglass
id: 18111
Rosie's turn to guess!
id: 18112
What could it beeeee?
id: 18113
Brandon's autograph
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