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Pictures taken on 01/20/07

id: 18114
Time for the hookah!
id: 18115
It's just tobacco, folks
id: 18116
Rosie takes a hit off the hookah
id: 18117
Smashley and Brandon
id: 18118
Brett and Alicia
id: 18119
Smashley gets some smoke
id: 18120
id: 18121
Brandon takes an angry hit from the hookah?
id: 18122
Brett gives a suspicious look to the hookah
id: 18123
Alicia, Rosie, and Smashley
id: 18124
Smash makes a weird face
id: 18125
Bryce watches his AMV on my iPod
id: 18126
Smashley's turn again
id: 18127
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