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Pictures taken on 02/08/07

id: 18233
Nice license plate!
id: 18234
Little Miss Sunshine
id: 18235
"Sunny" for short
id: 18236
It's hard to get a picture of her
id: 18237
She's always moving
id: 18238
Don't look so morose
id: 18239
id: 18240
She's got a towel
id: 18241
And a toy thing
id: 18242
Looking at the toy thing..
id: 18243
What's over there??
id: 18244
Mo and Sunny
id: 18245
Sunny's on the move
id: 18246
Mel's mom has Sunny
id: 18247
Sunny is very light
id: 18248
Mel brings giant Mo over
id: 18249
Placing Mo down..
id: 18250
Mo's all ruffled up
id: 18251
Mo and Sunny smell each other
id: 18252
Mo doesn't really like Sunny
id: 18253
Sunny is indifferent towards Mo
id: 18254
Mo tries to back off
id: 18255
Mo tries to run away!
id: 18256
Mel has to hold on to Mo
id: 18257
We put Sunny on top of Mo
id: 18258
Mo's not sure what to think about this situation
id: 18259
id: 18260
Mo does not look happy
id: 18261
Time to leave
id: 18262
Mo is not pleased
id: 18263
Humping frogs!
id: 18264
These are on Mel's dashboard
id: 18265
Well I thought they were funny
id: 18266
Mel's mom brings Sunny out for a walk
id: 18267
Walking around outside
id: 18268
id: 18269
Sunny looks around
id: 18270
She has a tiny leash
id: 18271
Walking over here
id: 18272
She didn't seem bothered by the cold
id: 18273
Mel's mom with Sunny
id: 18274
Backing out of the driveway..
id: 18275
Bye guys!
id: 18276
Ahhh a barrel in the street!
id: 18277
Chocobo road?
id: 18278
id: 18279
A laser bouncing?
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