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Pictures taken on 02/16/07

id: 18325
Some awesome new microchips
id: 18326
They're very powerful
id: 18327
Too bad I ordered the wrong kind..
id: 18328
The leads are so small I can't use them
id: 18329
They still look neat
id: 18330
Look how small these are!
id: 18331
This baby can create and receive ethernet packets
id: 18332
It's thin too!
id: 18333
My PIC16F877As
id: 18334
Normal sized but.. square.
id: 18335
I also got a few PIC16F84As, but they were too small as well
id: 18336
Again, they still look neat
id: 18337
id: 18338
The Port of Worcester?? Last I checked Worcester is like 50 miles inland
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