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Pictures taken on 03/12/07

id: 18574
One of my awesome new LCD screens
id: 18575
It is enormous
id: 18576
And it is gorgeous. These are the wires for the backlight
id: 18577
Very fine wires on the back
id: 18578
Lots of integrated circuits
id: 18579
And some capacitors?
id: 18580
More ICs
id: 18581
id: 18582
This is where the data goes. 20 pin interface
id: 18583
Quarter for scale. This thing is going to be beautiful if I can figure out how to use it
id: 18584
Messing around with a keypad..
id: 18585
See? It works.. kind of
id: 18586
Closeup of the keypad
id: 18587
My reading light
id: 18588
The white LEDs are very bright
id: 18589
And it runs off a 9 volt battery!
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