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Pictures taken on 03/26/07

id: 18628
I ordered something from and it came in this weird box
id: 18629
id: 18630
Note the "All Electronics" label, and the "Hot Sauce" label
id: 18631
Swipe card reader, capacitors, LCD screens
id: 18632
LCD screens and.. lots of other electronics
id: 18633
Cases, solder, soldering iron, multimeter..
id: 18634
7-segment displays, LEDs, resistors, buttons, a motor
id: 18635
Jumper cables, resistors, speakers, etc
id: 18636
My huge LCDs
id: 18637
A few circles and chips
id: 18638
Some new tools
id: 18639
Lots of chips and my new LCD
id: 18640
Swipe card reader
id: 18641
JDM Programmer
id: 18642
Now obsolete since I have the Microchip programmer
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