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Pictures taken on 04/04/07

id: 18700
Some AIDS demonstration in Red Square
id: 18701
Lots of buckets
id: 18702
id: 18703
This picture made it into the school newspaper
id: 18704
Lots of AIDS buckets
id: 18705
AIDS buckets in front of Jonas Clark
id: 18706
A bucket
id: 18707
Lots of rows
id: 18708
Poor Freud
id: 18709
What the hell does this even mean?
id: 18710
The buckets used to all have candles in them.. some still do
id: 18711
id: 18712
Loooots of buckets
id: 18713
It's that time of year again. Tour groups!
id: 18714
I nearly died on this corner when there was a car accident and a car came flying towards me
id: 18715
I put Chernobyl up on the wall in the Networks Lab because my project was a complete disaster
id: 18716
IO Processor and the ancient computer we're using
id: 18717
The caf at dinner
id: 18718
The big screen was down
id: 18719
Someone knocked over like 100 bowls
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