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Pictures taken on 04/10/07

id: 18745
Brett hanging out
id: 18746
Bryce's latest temporary poster: Kratos on Ninja Warrior
id: 18747
Kratos doesn't look too psyched
id: 18748
The minotaur does
id: 18749
Brett's got a pretty l33t skill level
id: 18750
Bryce shook up a bottle of soda and opened it: spraying it everywhere
id: 18751
He got his shirt all wet..
id: 18752
He figured it was a good opportunity to sit around with no shirt
id: 18753
That's great, Bryce..
id: 18754
I figured out how to mail origami
id: 18755
I included one of my special marbles
id: 18756
I drew a happy face on Bryce's back
id: 18757
Brett looks suspicious
id: 18758
Self portrait?
id: 18759
There I am..
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