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Pictures taken on 04/11/07

id: 18760
I went to some lecture on compilers
id: 18761
The topic of the lecture
id: 18762
Tim Richards talked to Prof. Chou
id: 18763
Prof. Chou
id: 18764
A solar system thing
id: 18765
Prof. Breecher
id: 18766
Prof. Morris looks like he's plotting something
id: 18767
Prof. Breecher explains a project
id: 18768
Prof. Breecher continues his idea
id: 18769
Don't look so down, Breech
id: 18770
Prof. Chou introduces Tim..
id: 18771
..who "needs no introduction"
id: 18772
Tim points to something on the screen
id: 18773
Tim continues his lecture
id: 18774
Professors Chou and Morris listen
id: 18775
Prof. Joyce looks like he's having a fun time
id: 18776
I sent him this picture. His response: "Such hair"
id: 18777
Prof. Xuan came too
id: 18778
This time in color!
id: 18779
id: 18780
Prof. Breecher and JM
id: 18781
Hippies are crawling out of the woodwork again
id: 18782
A last little bit of snow
id: 18783
If you put your hand like this and keep your knuckle down...
id: 18784 can't lift your ring finger
id: 18785
I finally enriched my uranium
id: 18786
Get it?
id: 18787
Some kind of post-it thing
id: 18788
Lots of "TODOs"
id: 18789
This one's real popular here on the Clark campus
id: 18790
Looks like someone Brett would get along with
id: 18791
Good call
id: 18792
That's gross
id: 18793
Count it!
id: 18794
Haha, Masspirg is dead!
id: 18795
With an airplane? Or not
id: 18796
id: 18797
"Now this is the way to play Wii"
id: 18798
Very nice, Bryce
id: 18799
Such posture
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