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Pictures taken on 04/12/07

id: 18800
I'm getting more autographs on my laptop
id: 18801
My sweatshirt isn't doing so good
id: 18802
All fixed!
id: 18803
Vlad struggles with Breecher's insane test
id: 18804
JM isn't having too much fun either
id: 18805
Go Vlad go!
id: 18806
This is what the test looked like..
id: 18807
Prof. Chou at work
id: 18808
JM's project
id: 18809
JM at work
id: 18810
Vlad and Prof. Breecher
id: 18811
What's going on in here?
id: 18812
Vlad and Prof. Breecher.. again
id: 18813
JF and Christine
id: 18814
Prof. Breecher takes a look at JM's project
id: 18815
Explaining how to hook up the batteries..
id: 18816
Vlad coming down the hall
id: 18817
JF and Christine
id: 18818
Vlad is crazy
id: 18819
Vlad and Prof. Green talk about something
id: 18820
Gotta love Prof. Green's spiffy hat
id: 18821
Prof. Breecher explaining something
id: 18822
Don't ever EVER hit the red button
id: 18823
Some LEDs
id: 18824
Vlad looks on as people work on stuff
id: 18825
id: 18826
Vlad looks surprised
id: 18827
JM putting stuff together
id: 18828
Prof. Breecher talking about something..
id: 18829
Prof. Breecher looks on as everyone works
id: 18830
Everyone working..
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