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Pictures taken on 04/13/07

id: 18831
Some construction in the Lasry Building
id: 18832
id: 18833
Chris gave a talk on plasma math in Numerical Analysis
id: 18834
Ice 9, no doubt a reference to the recent death of Kurt Vonnegut
id: 18835
A mysterious shipping container. Turned out to be full of windows
id: 18836
Our IDs are so faded that me and Brett almost look the same
id: 18837
Rosie's sister and a friend
id: 18838
Rosie's sister takes a shot at the Wii
id: 18839
Tony with one of his "girly drinks"
id: 18840
Rosie helps out
id: 18841
Wii is fun
id: 18842
Bryce makes a face with his "Ragin' Red" drink
id: 18843
I got all classy and bought some Crown Royal
id: 18844
It comes in a bag
id: 18845
And a fancy bottle
id: 18846
id: 18847
Nice cap too
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