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Pictures taken on 04/15/07

id: 18983
Becky made me take a picture of her kissing this bottle but she didn't even drink it
id: 18984
Sitting on the couch
id: 18985
Becky, Smashley, and Bryce pose
id: 18986
Bryce is tkaing a nap or something
id: 18987
Tony explains something
id: 18988
Bryce looks more and more insane in every picture
id: 18989
A weird flash picture of Brett
id: 18990
We took the couch out of the common room for the night
id: 18991
It was pretty sweet
id: 18992
Becky's a really sound sleeper so me and Brett made funny faces near her and took this picture
id: 18993
Becky doesn't seem too thrilled by Clark's brunch, then again, who would be?
id: 18994
Not Brett.
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