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Pictures taken on 04/17/07

id: 18995
Clark James on video Skype
id: 18996
Spree Day was inside this year
id: 18997
There were a lot of people in the UC
id: 18998
It was madness!
id: 18999
People near the stairs
id: 19000
People gathering around Tilton. Note the bouncy castle inside
id: 19001
Everyone on the stairs
id: 19002
Brandon tries some Super Mario World while Bryce watches
id: 19003
Smashley doesn't seem too psyched. Bryce is into it though
id: 19004
Tony and Rosie have a toast while Brett watches Wii
id: 19005
And drink!
id: 19006
That was fun
id: 19007
id: 19008
Brandon watching Wii
id: 19009
Clark James had a virtual toast with us!
id: 19010
Like a true college student, Tony eats two slices of pizza at once
id: 19011
Bryce in the chair
id: 19012
They already beat Super Mario World!?
id: 19013
Bryce gave Clark James the Bryce Eye View
id: 19014
Tony helped him to steady it
id: 19015
Brandon's got the cmaera now
id: 19016
Brandon ate some pizza to make Clark James jealous
id: 19017
He didn't make him jealous
id: 19018
But he did creep everyone out
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