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Pictures taken on 04/25/07

id: 20361
A creepy exhibit that had live feeds from all over campus
id: 20362
Hey, I know that name
id: 20363
Tilton was busy
id: 20364
Tilton from above
id: 20365
This was the image people were treated to before we started out slideshow
id: 20366
Some guy tries to talk to Bryce
id: 20367
Doesn't Bryce look thrilled to see Nick?
id: 20368
Anthony and Professor Valentine
id: 20369
More people showed up than I expected
id: 20370
The end of the slideshow
id: 20371
We're in the Academic Spree Day book!
id: 20372
Yes, that book
id: 20373
This was was cleaning his tail
id: 20374
He was also trying to hide from the rain
id: 20375
Have I been spotted?
id: 20376
I doubt it, I'm 40 feet away and inside
id: 20377
Squirrel on the move!
id: 20378
He's falling over!
id: 20379
He's alright!
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