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Pictures taken on 04/27/07

id: 20458
Taking a look at my MCLR circuit
id: 20459
Bryce looks around
id: 20460
What's over there, Bryce?
id: 20461
Bryce and Brett wait for drafting to start
id: 20462
Bryce has got some chicken nuggets
id: 20463
Brett sitting around
id: 20464
Bryce explains something
id: 20465
Bryce takes a drink
id: 20466
Something funny?
id: 20467
Some guy Brett and Bryce know
id: 20468
Some model thing
id: 20469
Haagen Dazs messed up their t-shirts
id: 20470
Some model
id: 20471
A giant magic card?
id: 20472
Hi Bryce
id: 20473
id: 20474
Brett talks about something
id: 20475
Bryce looks all royal.. and.. like he's eating
id: 20476
Creepy closeup Bryce
id: 20477
Brett looks incredulous
id: 20478
Bryce up close again
id: 20479
My booster packs
id: 20480
My first opponent was Brett!
id: 20481
Bryce watched us play
id: 20482
id: 20483
Bryce shuffles
id: 20484
Hi Bryce
id: 20485
Brett and Bryce played a game
id: 20486
Brett's not focusing on his game
id: 20487
Now Bryce isn't paying attention
id: 20488
Third guy watches their game
id: 20489
I found a NERO sign! ..And me!
id: 20490
This game sounds like a blast
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