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Pictures taken on 04/30/07

id: 20506
Nice clouds
id: 20507
I put this up in my Physics department
id: 20508
It wasn't there two days later...
id: 20509
id: 20510
Blurry frisbee!
id: 20511
Jump and catch!
id: 20512
A cryptic error message..
id: 20513
Chris has a new hat.. why?
id: 20514
Ah ha! He lost RPS so I got to take a picture of him as Harry Potter
id: 20515
People looking at my website!
id: 20516
"Hey! He's taking a picture of you"
id: 20517
Alina's internet premiere?
id: 20518
Wtf? A tent?
id: 20519
These guys were hanging out in front of Dana
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