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Pictures taken on 05/07/07

id: 20691
It's the moon
id: 20692
Look at that moon
id: 20693
It's a big moon
id: 20694
Moon moon moon
id: 20695
The moon over the intersection
id: 20696
A car at the intersection
id: 20697
This is where I was... all night
id: 20698
At least I had my chair
id: 20699
I spent 17 hours straight in the lab
id: 20700
An analysis of Risk?
id: 20701
The moon again
id: 20702
It's lighter out
id: 20703
id: 20704
id: 20705
The moon over the Lasry building.. it moved quite a ways
id: 20706
Bluer sky..
id: 20707
Lasry Building at sunrise
id: 20708
While Clark James was drunk he left this.. cryptic.. message on Brett's laptop
id: 20709
Apparently the new dorm comes with Graboid defenses!
id: 20710
Alina and Steve signed my laptop.. much to Alina's distress, Steve added something
id: 20711
Aliva's revenge!
id: 20712
"How can you write that on someone else's laptop!?"
id: 20713
Tony came to work on his paper
id: 20714
Work work work
id: 20715
Hi Tony
id: 20716
Tony's sleepy
id: 20717
...and covered in Post-Its
id: 20718
Haallooo Tony
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