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Pictures taken on 05/21/07

id: 20820
Parachute dude
id: 20821
He lives on the window
id: 20822
Rob's got mail
id: 20823
It's his tax return! Whoooo
id: 20824
Get in the car Rob!
id: 20825
A helicopter
id: 20826
The pieces of the wooden airplanes
id: 20827
The assembled plane
id: 20828
Rob preps the parachute ball
id: 20829
Oops, it opened while spinning it
id: 20830
They think their cool with their bigger airplane?
id: 20831
The parachute ball opening in the air
id: 20832
Trying to throw it to James..
id: 20833
James swinging
id: 20834
James twists in the air
id: 20835
Nice dismount?
id: 20836
Rob preps the ball again
id: 20837
James tried throwing the plane from the swing
id: 20838
Hi Rob
id: 20839
The helix ladder
id: 20840
James attempts to hide behind the airplane
id: 20841
Gravity is backwards!!
id: 20842
The plane was so biased towards flying left we eventually pulled the wing out to the "C" to make it fly straightish
id: 20843
This is what it looks like after a crash
id: 20844
It actually flew for 8 or 9 seconds like this
id: 20845
We call this the Birth Ball. You throw it.. it lands.. and it throws another ball back at you!!
id: 20846
A bird!
id: 20847
James is a king
id: 20848
... a very confused king
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