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Pictures taken on 05/22/07

id: 20849
3.89 feet?? This must be it!
id: 20850
It's Boston!
id: 20851
It's the ocean!
id: 20852
It's that stupid lake I found last time
id: 20853
It's the sun!
id: 20854
Boston without the zoom
id: 20855
Boston with a little zoom
id: 20856
Lots of buildings
id: 20857
More buildings in Boston
id: 20858
The John Hancock Tower thanks so digital zoom
id: 20859
You can see heat waves in front of the Prudential Tower
id: 20860
The elevation marker!
id: 20861
Me standing in front of Boston
id: 20862
Hey look, it's Boston!
id: 20863
Some reeeeaaly old VCRs?
id: 20864
This guy looks like he's maliciously chasing this kid
id: 20865
James didn't think I'd get the shot off.. I did
id: 20866
id: 20867
Green plane
id: 20868
It flies pretty well, but there's no control
id: 20869
15 second exposure
id: 20870
What's James doing over there?
id: 20871
James is ravin'
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