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Pictures taken on 05/26/07

id: 20933
Ultrasound is fun
id: 20934
Lots of controls
id: 20935
My kidney (left) and (very full) bladder (right)
id: 20936
They're after my blood!
id: 20937
Taking lots of blood
id: 20938
Four tubes!
id: 20939
He did a good job
id: 20940
Gross, it's like, splattering on the side of the tube
id: 20941
id: 20942
Is this good?
id: 20943
Strawberry and Isabelle hanging out
id: 20944
Isabelle pretty much always looks this panicked
id: 20945
What's up guys
id: 20946
Helloooo Isabelle
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