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Pictures taken on 05/28/07

id: 20950
This router looked like it was about to pounce on me
id: 20951
My new LCD monitor!
id: 20952
Opened box
id: 20953
id: 20954
The support for the screen
id: 20955
The base
id: 20956
I put a quarter in the bottom left for scale
id: 20957
Oh goody
id: 20958
Nice specs!
id: 20959
I love my new setup.. I have a desk again!
id: 20960
Aoi looks happy
id: 20961
I can't believe this is a toy. It has realistic sounds, pump action... it even ejects "spent" cartridges
id: 20962
What the hell is this!? A creepy stuffed homeless person?
id: 20963
15 second exposure of airplanes
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