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Pictures taken on 06/13/07

id: 21110
Some abandoned ride parts
id: 21111
James wanders away to take some pictures
id: 21112
See? He's taking pictures
id: 21113
A helicopter thing
id: 21114
Another helicopter thing
id: 21115
I guess there used to be an arcade here. Note the tiger on the roof
id: 21116
Ticket, please
id: 21117
I like cracked parking lots with grass growing through
id: 21118
Some field
id: 21119
id: 21120
Weird arch thing..
id: 21121
Weird faces too!
id: 21122
A boat thing
id: 21123
A rusty handle
id: 21124
Up close to the rotting wood
id: 21125
id: 21126
Lots of tires from the Go-Kart track
id: 21127
Gun thing
id: 21128
James mans the battle stations
id: 21129
A really messed up trailer
id: 21130
id: 21131
id: 21132
Flying awaaay
id: 21133
James checks out the ocean
id: 21134
James with an ocean background
id: 21135
James fixes his hat
id: 21136
The ocean was pretty rough
id: 21137
Bird and ocean
id: 21138
Not a good day for the beach.. for normal people
id: 21139
id: 21140
id: 21141
White water!
id: 21142
A wave breaks
id: 21143
A wave as it breaks
id: 21144
The pier with a bird
id: 21145
There were two guys surfing!
id: 21146
The beachfront stores
id: 21147
Joe's Playland was a discontinuous store.. there were several of them right near each other
id: 21148
Support thing at the amusement park
id: 21149
James takes a picture
id: 21150
At least some skaters are getting some use of of this place
id: 21151
Discarded astroturf
id: 21152
Not anymore
id: 21153
James checks out a shed
id: 21154
A cat!
id: 21155
A bumper car
id: 21156
James gets in
id: 21157
Vroom vroom!
id: 21158
The empty lot
id: 21159
James takes a picture of a bumper car
id: 21160
White bumper car!
id: 21161
James takes some more pictures
id: 21162
Probably not
id: 21163
Lots of paint!
id: 21164
Looks like the bumper car area is being used as a construction staging area
id: 21165
Ferris wheel lights
id: 21166
A light
id: 21167
A rusty old table
id: 21168
The sign!
id: 21169
James sits next to the sign
id: 21170
A discarded sink
id: 21171
Nice car, crappy wheel!
id: 21172
More waves
id: 21173
The beach!
id: 21174
Some kind of tower thing in the distance
id: 21175
This is madness!!
id: 21176
DDR + Pump It Up = Technomotion
id: 21177
All 9 spaces!
id: 21178
A seagull
id: 21179
Could it be Jonathon Livingston?
id: 21180
A giant cow?
id: 21181
We found the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant
id: 21182
I snapped this from the car, across the marsh
id: 21183
James runs to the water
id: 21184
James chilling out near the ocean
id: 21185
id: 21186
James coming back
id: 21187
He's almost twice as tall as that line!
id: 21188
Bummer!! We were about 50 seconds too late on the parking meter
id: 21189
The nuclear power plant!
id: 21190
We waited for about ten minutes... just in case
id: 21191
The sketchy checkpoint
id: 21192
This sign was on the actual main road to the powerplant
id: 21193
There was a paper tube full of those little ash snakes..
id: 21194
I didn't realize there were 7 in there so I lit them all at once. Good times. Gross smoke
id: 21195
A typical algorithm for solving the Rubik's cube in less than 30 seconds. The green boxes represent how I "chunk" the algorithm
id: 21196
Red is first two layers, purple is orient last layer, and green is permute last layer. I've got a lot of work ahead of me...
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