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Pictures taken on 07/17/07

id: 21603
I got my actual age!
id: 21604
A cool sunrise as seen from the airplane
id: 21605
Big cloud, big light
id: 21606
You can just see the edge
id: 21607
In between cloud layers
id: 21608
Cloud layers!
id: 21609
A plane leaving contrails in the moist air
id: 21610
A river in Massachusetts
id: 21611
Zooming in a little
id: 21612
Turns out I was near Franklin, MA
id: 21613
I took a picture of the GPS so I'd know where to find it
id: 21614
Some nice clouds
id: 21615
id: 21616
Nice sky
id: 21617
A weird path along the ground
id: 21618
Clouds in the distance
id: 21619
Nice gradients
id: 21620
Almost a black sky
id: 21621
id: 21622
More clouds
id: 21623
Cloudy McClouds
id: 21624
Some fluffy clouds
id: 21625
A bunch of fluffy clouds
id: 21626
Airplane wing
id: 21627
Flying through clouds
id: 21628
We were just about to fly into this cloud
id: 21629
Hey I know that city!
id: 21630
Hello Boston!
id: 21631
Boston skyline
id: 21632
So many houses!
id: 21633
Lots of houses
id: 21634
Thousands of buildings
id: 21635
Residential houses
id: 21636
Boston skyeline again
id: 21637
A target with a target on it!
id: 21638
The camera is choosing the settings at this point
id: 21639
A great shot of the Boston skyline
id: 21640
Logan terminals
id: 21641
Logan Airport!
id: 21642
The airport with Boston on the side
id: 21643
id: 21644
A plane taking off
id: 21645
There it goes
id: 21646
id: 21647
id: 21648
Runway 27?
id: 21649
Boston buildings
id: 21650
More tall buildings
id: 21651
Boats speeding past each other
id: 21652
A big island
id: 21653
id: 21654
A bridge
id: 21655
Islands and Boston
id: 21656
So many buildings!
id: 21657
id: 21658
Sand bars
id: 21659
The colorful gas tank
id: 21660
Sketchy LNG tanks?
id: 21661
A highway
id: 21662
A big rotary
id: 21663
Rotary on the highway
id: 21664
id: 21665
An overpass
id: 21666
Lots of buildings
id: 21667
An interesting road structure
id: 21668
A mall complex
id: 21669
Four baseball fields
id: 21670
A golf course
id: 21671
A radio tower!
id: 21672
Cars on the highway
id: 21673
Another golf course
id: 21674
A building complex
id: 21675
Some weird poles in the water
id: 21676
A large building
id: 21677
Sun reflecting on the water
id: 21678
id: 21679
This guy was checking out the scenary too
id: 21680
A boat in the water
id: 21681
id: 21682
Logan's control tower
id: 21683
The sketchiest redlight camera ever
id: 21684
This things is practically duct taped up there
id: 21685
I like to think that this sign says "BIMBAP!"
id: 21686
Isabelle is bored
id: 21687
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