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Pictures taken on 08/02/07

id: 21861
Some stars, taken from the common
id: 21862
The International Space Station flies by. Click on the image to see it
id: 21863
A zoomed version. That line is the ISS
id: 21864
Well since the tripod is set up, I might as well play with it
id: 21865
Guess what I used to write this
id: 21866
Yep, the earth actually moves noticably in only fiften seconds! Of course, this is zoomed in..
id: 21867
Stars blurring around the North Star
id: 21868
The ISS made a reappearance one orbit later
id: 21869
The ISS flies over my neighbor's house
id: 21870
ISS flying under the moon
id: 21871
The ISS flying by my house, look carefully, it's in the wires.
id: 21872
My mom's house at night
id: 21873
Another shot of my mom's house at night with a fifteen second exposure
id: 21874
A less than stellar picture of the ISS flying by. Look closely, you can see it
id: 21875
A shot of my mom's house with the ISS flying by. You can see it in the gaps between the trees
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