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Pictures taken on 09/07/07

id: 22068
Two days later the rest of the stuff came, including the surge protector
id: 22069
Yet another mystery box
id: 22070
Bubble wrap!
id: 22071
This is the video card I'll be using until the new NVIDIA ones come out
id: 22072
What happened to this box!?
id: 22073
My 25 foot S-Video cable
id: 22074
The box with the power supply
id: 22075
Did someone dropkick this!?
id: 22076
It's really beat up
id: 22077
The power supply box
id: 22078
It was so heavy!
id: 22079
What could this be?
id: 22080
Neat! Since the power supply is modular it comes with all the cables you need in a case
id: 22081
All sorts of nice cables
id: 22082
A closeup of the connectors
id: 22083
The power supply itself
id: 22084
Nice fan
id: 22085
This bundle goes to the motherboard, so it doesn't come off
id: 22086
This was kind of bogus, but it was nice having the drivers install themselves
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