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Pictures taken on 09/20/07

id: 22130
Dell Guy starts to disassembly my laptop
id: 22131
The hard drive is already out
id: 22132
There goes the RAM..
id: 22133
A closeup of the hard drive
id: 22134
Battery's gone
id: 22135
Unscrewing the back
id: 22136
The new motherboard
id: 22137
The new motherboard up close. It's so oddly shaped!
id: 22138
The top panel goes..
id: 22139
Unscrewing more
id: 22140
The keyboard is gone!
id: 22141
Unhooking the touchpad
id: 22142
Dell Guy removes more parts
id: 22143
Here's the wireless module. For some reason it's placed in the center of the laptop
id: 22144
Heatsink and fan
id: 22145
A closeup of the heatsink and fan
id: 22146
The all important CPu
id: 22147
Dell Guy places the new motherboard in place
id: 22148
Screwing parts back in
id: 22149
The pins on the CPU... must be careful!
id: 22150
There are parts everywhere!
id: 22151
Poor Gamakichi looks like a bomb went off inside it
id: 22152
Reassembling more parts
id: 22153
Dell Guy in action
id: 22154
Screwing parts in
id: 22155
Heat sink looks secure
id: 22156
What goes next?
id: 22157
Reattaching the screen
id: 22158
Still missing a few parts
id: 22159
Connecting some wires
id: 22160
And just as quickly as it started, it's over! The whole process only took about 25 minutes
id: 22161
A cool cat I found on the way to Mike's house
id: 22162
Heeeyyy cat
id: 22163
Adenine, Rosie's mouse
id: 22164
What's up, mousey
id: 22165
There is no escape for you
id: 22166
Brett stands in front of my new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. map for scale
id: 22167
I printed out a map of the entire Zone
id: 22168
A closeup of Pripyat
id: 22169
A closeup of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
id: 22170
James watches Rosie play Guitar Hero
id: 22171
Brett in the bowl chair
id: 22172
Rosie plays some sweet tunes
id: 22173
James and Rosie
id: 22174
Brett, James, and Rosie all hanging out
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