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Pictures taken on 10/02/07

id: 22252
Look what I found at the Dump & Run
id: 22253
Or maybe you'd like the Mystery Tape
id: 22254
A pad thing?
id: 22255
Some decent textbooks
id: 22256
Futurama and... half of an X-Files?
id: 22257
id: 22258
This looks like an exciting read
id: 22259
Another thriller
id: 22260
Edge of your seat reading
id: 22261
My new table thing I got to hold my consoles
id: 22262
Pronounced "trad-ay"?
id: 22263
Assorted glassware
id: 22264
Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles minigolf
id: 22265
Assorted puzzle pieces??
id: 22266
Oh yeah, eating food from the Dump & Run, good idea
id: 22267
A bizarre record
id: 22268
A sunbaked wireless router
id: 22269
Some "slip n' slide" DDR pads
id: 22270
A squirrel running along the parking garage
id: 22271
Look at him go!
id: 22272
Brain Age asked me and Brett to draw Queen Elizabeth...
id: 22273
...King Henry VIII...
id: 22274
And ourselves
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