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Pictures taken on 10/20/07

id: 22393
Clark James rocks out like a pro
id: 22394
Look at him go
id: 22395
See that smirk? That's how you know he's in the zone
id: 22396
Work it!
id: 22397
His tongue is sticking out, he must be concentrating
id: 22398
Strum it like a real guitar hero
id: 22399
Such ferocity
id: 22400
This guitar never knew what hit it
id: 22401
Oh come now
id: 22402
The big finish!
id: 22403
id: 22404
A job well done
id: 22405
The buttons on our coke machine got all scrambled so I put up a guide
id: 22406
People wrote in what they actually got
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