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Pictures taken on 10/29/07

id: 22713
Brett coming down the hallway
id: 22714
An RA on guard against rioters
id: 22715
James and Brett heading to the president's house
id: 22716
Red Sox fans out in the streets.. kind of
id: 22717
Everyone was heading to the president's house
id: 22718
Nice hat, dude
id: 22719
Cops on duty
id: 22720
Getting closer
id: 22721
This dude couldn't wait and just took off
id: 22722
Another cop
id: 22723
A huge crowd at the president's house
id: 22724
So many people
id: 22725
Everyong gathered around
id: 22726
A flash photo!
id: 22727
Someone nearby took a flash picture
id: 22728
Standing around
id: 22729
Everyone was chanting
id: 22730
The crowd in the president's backyard
id: 22731
Everyone trying to get to the center
id: 22732
A Red Sox flag
id: 22733
Go, flag, go
id: 22734
Another flash picture
id: 22735
This is what everyone is really after, donuts and cider
id: 22736
President Basset!
id: 22737
President Basset wants braaaains!
id: 22738
Bryce looks so bitter!
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