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Pictures taken on 11/01/07

id: 22742
A hawk killed a squirrel outside Hughes and Dana
id: 22743
It was pretty sweet
id: 22744
These captions are going to be pretty painful
id: 22745
There's not much I can say about this hawk
id: 22746
The hawk let people get pretty close
id: 22747
As long as they didn't mess with his squirrel
id: 22748
Nom nom nom
id: 22749
Pulling off a bit..
id: 22750
How is it?
id: 22751
id: 22752
What's over there?
id: 22753
Don't mess with this bird
id: 22754
His beak is so sharp
id: 22755
Checking people out..
id: 22756
He's ready to defend his kill
id: 22757
Look to your right
id: 22758
Then look to your left
id: 22759
A little less zoom..
id: 22760
Taking a break?
id: 22761
What's up, hawk?
id: 22762
Not much left of that squirrel's face
id: 22763
He's got a pice of the squirrel in his beak
id: 22764
All gone!
id: 22765
Lots of other people were taking pictures of the hawk
id: 22766
Leaning over
id: 22767
Bystanders behind the hawk
id: 22768
Now that is a cool looking bird
id: 22769
Looking around..
id: 22770
What's over there?
id: 22771
OK, I'm really running out of captions
id: 22772
id: 22773
id: 22774
id: 22775
Flash picture of the hawk!
id: 22776
Uhoh, I'm busted. Time to back off
id: 22777
He's been distracted
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