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Pictures taken on 11/07/07

id: 22788
Michele getting her yearbook pictures taken
id: 22789
Little did she know that there would be more than one camera taking her picture today!
id: 22790
"Look over here"
id: 22791
The photography setup
id: 22792
Me and Clark James like to make fun of this woman.. "Look over here.. turn your head.."
id: 22793
"Just a smidge.."
id: 22794
"No one but your parents will ever see these pictures" haha, whoops!
id: 22795
A light reflector
id: 22796
"No photographing the photographer"
id: 22797
Clark James was having a little trouble tying a tie
id: 22798
It doesn't look like it's getting much better
id: 22799
Trying again..
id: 22800
Don't give up!
id: 22801
In good spirits, as always
id: 22802
Brett tries to help
id: 22803
Do it like this..
id: 22804
And then like this..
id: 22805
Over, under..
id: 22806
James doesn't seem to be making much progress
id: 22807
James watches
id: 22808
Brett looks like he's almost done
id: 22809
id: 22810
Brett's a blur of tie tying motion
id: 22811
Come on, James. You can do it
id: 22812
Brett patiently explains
id: 22813
id: 22814
Brett goes solo
id: 22815
id: 22816
id: 22817
Aaaand, done!
id: 22818
id: 22819
Not quite perfect
id: 22820
Uhoh, busted
id: 22821
"Don't take pictures of this!"
id: 22822
id: 22823
Brett finishes this off
id: 22824
Finishing the knot
id: 22825
James gets his backpack on
id: 22826
Hi James
id: 22827
Business Brett plays Guitar Hero
id: 22828
Go Brett, go
id: 22829
id: 22830
What's up Bryce?
id: 22831
James keeps rocking in the background
id: 22832
Looking good, Bryce
id: 22833
James looks at what Bryce is doing
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