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Pictures taken on 12/24/07

id: 22981
Becky pulled up into the snow bank and when she left...
id: 22982
...the plate stayed behind.
id: 22983
Poor Becky
id: 22984
She was in good spirits later while wrapping presents
id: 22985
The presents at Dad's house
id: 22986
Dad with his Guinness
id: 22987
Becky playing DS
id: 22988
Don't give me that look
id: 22989
The tag I put on my Dad's Christmas present
id: 22990
Dad brings some presents into the living room
id: 22991
Dad and Becky
id: 22992
Becky opens a card
id: 22993
She likes the front..
id: 22994
And she likes the inside!
id: 22995
Becky's card
id: 22996
The inside of Becky's card
id: 22997
Becky got a book
id: 22998
Unlike Brett, Becky likes books for Christmas
id: 22999
Opening presents is fun to do
id: 23000
id: 23001
Dad gets a present
id: 23002
Using a knife to open it..
id: 23003
It's Band of Brothers!
id: 23004
id: 23005
A practical gift from Dad
id: 23006
I got a Dremel!
id: 23007
Dad: "I can't believe I got this stuff for my little girl"
id: 23008
Becky laughed at this title. So callous.
id: 23009
What else?
id: 23010
A gun cleaning kit from me and Becky!
id: 23011
WWII DVDs, gun cleaning kit, and his rifle. Peace man.
id: 23012
A Christmas moment
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