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Pictures taken on 01/24/08

id: 23093
Students in CS99
id: 23094
There are a lot of people in the class
id: 23095
Professor Chou helps out a student
id: 23096
Students wait for help from me, Liz, and Professor Chou
id: 23097
Liz in the back row
id: 23098
Professor Chou looking at someone's screen
id: 23099
Professor Chou helping a student
id: 23100
The first row of students
id: 23101
The second row of students
id: 23102
id: 23103
Liz helps someone else with the "cd" command
id: 23104
Professor Chou poses for a shot
id: 23105
"He's taking pictures"
id: 23106
Professor Chou explains a concept
id: 23107
Students with glowing screens
id: 23108
Professor Chou in front of the projector
id: 23109
id: 23110
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