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Pictures taken on 01/26/08

id: 23121
Michele and Rosie about to do a confessional
id: 23122
id: 23123
What's up, guys?
id: 23124
James and Bryce working on their set list
id: 23125
Don't you give me that crazy look, Bryce
id: 23126
James is having fun
id: 23127
Bryce looks distraught
id: 23128
Hi Brandon
id: 23129
That's gross
id: 23130
Brandon tries on Mike's orange belt
id: 23131
Now there's a good picture
id: 23132
Bryce's introduction to their set list
id: 23133
Set list, part one
id: 23134
Set list, part two
id: 23135
Me looking in the window
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