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Pictures taken on 01/27/08

id: 23136
Bryce hanging out
id: 23137
Shayna and Tony sit on the big chair
id: 23138
Sleepy time
id: 23139
What is this mysterious ball I've found?
id: 23140
Hmm, this could be a clue
id: 23141
This guy says it's full of beer
id: 23142
Looks like he might be right!
id: 23143
They lived in the suite down the hall, so I followed them to take pictures
id: 23144
Carefullly pouring beer out of the ball..
id: 23145
Taking a sip! Ok.. that's a little gross
id: 23146
This is how they got at the beer, they just smashed a hole in the top
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