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Pictures taken on 01/28/08

id: 23147
Professor Morris marks off some exercises for me to do
id: 23148
Chapter 9?? Gah!
id: 23149
Professor Chou with CS99 again, this time in a classroom
id: 23150
The CS99 people
id: 23151
Row 1
id: 23152
Row 2
id: 23153
Row 3
id: 23154
Row 4
id: 23155
Row 5
id: 23156
Row 6
id: 23157
Row 7
id: 23158
Row 8
id: 23159
And this guy, who was late
id: 23160
There were a lot of fire engines outside of Uncle Sam's, which give Clark James and I a real scare
id: 23161
One of the guys who works at Uncle Sam's has a pretty messed up phone
id: 23162
Apparently it still works well!
id: 23163
Despite the.. pencap.. antenna
id: 23164
DS and cola, doesn't get much better than this, folks
id: 23165
Bryce's consciousness briefly slips completely in to the DS
id: 23166
James and I were watching the State of the Union address
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