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Pictures taken on 02/04/08

id: 23356
Another enthusiastic Clinton supporter
id: 23357
What's this? News vans?
id: 23358
News vans! Note that all the satellite dishes point south
id: 23359
The police blocked off a big chunk of Downing Street in front of the athletic center. The ambulance and fire truck were there for an unrelated incident
id: 23360
True story
id: 23361
One of those wooden barricade things
id: 23362
The other end of Downing Street was also blocked
id: 23363
News vans and police barricade
id: 23364
Same scene from a slightly different angle
id: 23365
Getting closer to the news vans
id: 23366
The NECN truck
id: 23367
See? I told you
id: 23368
Plugs and stuff
id: 23369
A big ol' satellite dish
id: 23370
NewsCenter 5 van
id: 23371
This guy noticed me taking his picture so I waved
id: 23372
I took a picture of the ambulance before I realized they were acutally there helping an injured person just by coincidence..
id: 23373
id: 23374
That's one hardcore satellite dish
id: 23375
The Secret Service put a sign up. I feel I should mention they weren't very secret, it was easy to spot them
id: 23376
News vans... from above!
id: 23377
I just wandered into the media entrance. I figured I've got a camera, I'm media
id: 23378
The empty stage
id: 23379
But are they good solutions?
id: 23380
Some media folk setting up
id: 23381
This guy's not going to get much footage with his coffee cup, no matter how stable it is
id: 23382
Nice cameras
id: 23383
A sneaky cop lurking in the back
id: 23384
Media people
id: 23385
More people by the normal door
id: 23386
Sound equipment?
id: 23387
An overview of the gym
id: 23388
Yep, that's the door I took
id: 23389
A Hillary sign
id: 23390
Some cops hanging out
id: 23391
Oh yeah, the Patriots lost the Superbowl.. it was the only game they lost this season
id: 23392
Needless to say, fans were pretty heartbroken
id: 23393
Aw crap! I leave for 90 minutes and there's a HUGE line!
id: 23394
Yes, I really am this far away from the Kneller
id: 23395
Hillary people trying to get people to sign up for stuff
id: 23396
The line behind me
id: 23397
This guy was filming us
id: 23398
I got a Ron Paul sticker!
id: 23399
Some typical Clinton supporters
id: 23400
What's her name from freshman year is back
id: 23401
People signing some petition for a bill
id: 23402
A Hillary pin
id: 23403
The Ron Paul guy is back!
id: 23404
Nice cigar.. thing
id: 23405
I really didn't like how the Clinton fans were snickering at this guy. Very disrespectful
id: 23406
Some insane group was handing out propaganda
id: 23407
I don't know much about them other than they think that computers are ruining the world (I guess not their website..) and they think global warming isn't happening
id: 23408
The choppa! Get back to it!
id: 23409
This cop was on his phone
id: 23410
Some of the crazy vegans were handing this out
id: 23411
The line is moving! I'm advancing past the library!
id: 23412
The line went all the way back to Main Street, I'm not sure how long it was in total
id: 23413
Gotta hand it to the Ron Paul guy for getting his message out there
id: 23414
Some Clinton guy...
id: 23415
Caution tape and Hillary signs
id: 23416
This guy kept eyeballing me
id: 23417
There's more media people now!
id: 23418
Lots of people were sitting on the bleachers
id: 23419
id: 23420
After leaving to take a test, I came back. I bet you didn't even notice!
id: 23421
Hill-dog herself
id: 23422
She draws quite a crowd
id: 23423
Traveling press got to get really close
id: 23424
The losers with the video cameras stayed in the back
id: 23425
Some cops behind the stage
id: 23426
Clinton launches into her speech
id: 23427
I honestly didn't listen to all that much since it was very similar to the ones I've seen on TV and I wanted to focus on pictures
id: 23428
It actually felt a lot like that first mission on Metal Gear Solid 2.. taking pictures while the speech is going on. People who have played will know what I mean
id: 23429
She was very hoarse, presumably from all the speech giving she's been doing in preparation for Super Tuesday
id: 23430
All alone out on the stage
id: 23431
I really like this picture.. someone else taking pictures
id: 23432
The speech goes on
id: 23433
I liked this flare effect
id: 23434
I moved to the back of the gym to get some shots from the center
id: 23435
These shots were tough to get.. I was in the middle of a dense crowd
id: 23436
Clinton goes on, in front of the flag
id: 23437
I thought this shot worked really well with her in the corner
id: 23438
Don't you point that thing at me
id: 23439
An overview of the crowd from the back corner
id: 23440
She kept pointing at us
id: 23441
People in the audience seemed dismayed when I told them I had already voted, and for Obama!
id: 23442
Clinton speaks to a sea of people
id: 23443
These guys think they're so cool with their nice lenses
id: 23444
Hillary shakes hands with the crowd
id: 23445
There were a lot of people taking pictures with little point-n-shoots. You can see one guy to the right of the Hillary sign
id: 23446
There were also a lot of professionals like this guy
id: 23447
A fantastic overview of the crowd with the weird Kneller ceiling above it
id: 23448
For a few shots here I brought the ISO down to 100 from 400 and stabalized the camera on my leg
id: 23449
The shots came out a lot clearer
id: 23450
But they were harder to get
id: 23451
For some reason Professor Chou really stands out in a crowd
id: 23452
Everyone went ballistic at the end
id: 23453
Cops wouldn't let me behind
id: 23454
This is the closest I got, about ten feet away. I couldn't really see her because there were six layers of people between us and she's fairly short
id: 23455
Gotta love the Obama guy outside! Go Obama!!
id: 23456
Mike makes some really really cool video game art
id: 23457
id: 23458
Mike poses next to his art
id: 23460
Mike poses next to his Lakitu painting
id: 23461
Mike made a painting of James eating a burrito on wrappers from Moe's
id: 23462
Unfortunately James couldn't stop laughing for the pose.. as is demonstrated here
id: 23463
Mike started a new thing where he makes a mess, decides what the painting is, and then goes with it. This is apparently the Hulk
id: 23464
This is the picture used as a basis for James' painting
id: 23465
id: 23466
Lots of paint
id: 23467
A closeup of James' face
id: 23468
Speaking of faces...
id: 23469
A cool painting done on ripped up paper
id: 23470
Tony, Mike, and James hanging out
id: 23471
Hi Mike
id: 23472
James stares off into the distance
id: 23473
Tony on his laptop
id: 23474
Hi Tony
id: 23475
id: 23476
id: 23477
Mike sitting on the couch
id: 23478
Everyone on the couch.. Tony seems intrigued
id: 23479
id: 23480
A new rough draft of Boom-shacka-lacka
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